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In poker you can beat everything with a couple of eggs. And it is that bluffing is not easy, it requires courage and knowledge. Here we leave you with some plays that have made history.

1. Adrián Mateos vs Johnny Lodden

With only three opponents left,mateos  played it all without cards and won at the final table at the PokerStars and Monte-Carlo Casino EPT Grand Final. A manual bluff, perfectly doing each of the movements to make a bluff credible, with all-in included. The Norwegian’s face after seeing the result was not poker.

2. Miss Finland vs Ronnie Bardah

Sara Chafak, Miss Finland 2012, 24 years old, does not seem the most dangerous rival for a professional of the game, Ronnie Bardah, winner of numerous awards in the last five World Series in Las Vegas, falls victim to the miss’s bluff. Sara, who has nothing in her hand, bets with such confidence that she manages to get Ronnie to fold a trio of fours.

3. Chris Moneymaker vs Sammy Farha

At the final table of the World Series of Poker in 2003, one of the best bluffs was seen, Chris Moneymaker fought Sammy Farha. With nothing tied, Moneymaker played it against the Lebanese, and despite the fact that he had a pair of 9 he preferred not to call the bet. This is how Moneymaker earned his first WSOP champion’s bracelet .

4. Steve Gee vs Jaime Robbins

Steve Gee couldn’t imagine what would happen to him. During the 2012 World Series of Poker, Steve and Jaime faced each other at a table , the latter without a good play on his hands. Steve started to get nervous when he saw that his rival kept raising the ante, which finally forced him to fold and lose almost everything he raised . Without a doubt one of the best lanterns.

5. Lex Veldhuis vs Brian Pinkus

The Dutch Veldhuis is known for his aggressive yet gentle style, which led to numerous problems in various championships. The best thing about this play is that Veldhuis bluffed at the table numerous times so his credibility was very low. And he still managed to bluff Brian Pinkus.

6. Tom Dwan vs JC Tran

A good bluff is much better if you also make your opponent not know how to control himself and end up doubting . This is what happened in the confrontation between Tom Dwan and Jc Tran. Dwan managed to break the patience of his rival  in the UK’s Premier League Poker, besides of course winning.

7. Tom Dwan, Barry Greenstein and Peter Eastgate

Tom Dwan again on stage. Despite his non-intimidating appearance, he achieves other of the best bluffs at the table he shared with Greenstein and Eastgate . The game started in an unusual way from the first moment. Dwan bet $ 104,000.  Eastgate passed his turn, realizing he could only beat a bluff, and after some deep thought Greenstein finally gave up on his aces.

8. Phil Ivey vs Patrick Antonius

In this case Ivey decides to change a safe hand for a bluff , you have to be very safe to do that, and without a doubt Ivey was, since the play went well he defeated and cheated Antonious , and of course he took his money.

9. Scotty Nguyen vs Humberto Brenes

Scotty Nguyen is a former World Series of Poker Main Event champion and one of the most outlandish characters the game ever saw . Nguyen opened with a $ 21,000 act which in itself was already a bluff. Brenes followed his opponent until he couldn’t climb any further. To which Nguyen argued “That’s not a limit, baby.”

10. Paul Jackson vs Phil Ivey

Paul Jackson vs. Phil Ivey, or what is the same bluff vs. bluff . A well-known bluff among little players, we don’t have much more to say. The video already says it all.

If you know of another play or duel, you can leave your comment mentioning it. You can also take a look at this article to know how to improve your strategies. 

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