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Top 4 video Bingo games 2020 Strendus casino online

Strendus online casino Mexico has an exclusive section of Videobingo games. These casino games are very popular in our country, since they have thousands of followers.

In fact, traditional Bingo games have always been one of the most prominent for users in Mexico. Now, with the online version, all the emotion is maintained and the convenience of playing from anywhere is added.

Therefore, taking into account the relevance of this game, from Best Online Casinos Mexico we are going to show you the top 4 video games Bingo 2020 Strendus .


Ace Mania is a VideoBingo game from Ortiz Interactive available at Strendus casino. With this title, users can access the rounds with up to a maximum of 4 tickets.

Each of them has 15 numbers. Before the start of each round, several bet levels per card can be set, in which 30 balls are drawn.

The VideoBingo Ace Mania game offers you many more opportunities to increase the chances of winning prizes, since at the end of the rounds you can get up to 10 extra balls.

Finally, it should be noted that the game offers you twelve possible prizes in each card plus a Jackpot, something that is very interesting in terms of winnings.



With the Strendus casino video Bingo Bubble Mania you will live a different adventure with soap bubbles, which are the main elements of this game.

In the game, in which you can participate with between 1 and 4 cards, characters such as Joker and Bubbleman will appear, who will put more emotion into the action by distributing 10 extra balls.

In relation to the prizes, the Bubble Mania video bingo title has 12 prizes, a Jackpot and a bonus. That is, you will have the possibility to get multiple prizes.


Locomodin is another of the top 4 video games Bingo 2020 Strendus. In this title, you will play with an initial draw of 30 balls with which to complete the prize patterns. In addition to said initial draw, the title can enable a function with which to acquire up to 10 extra balls.

In Locomodin you can configure the game as you are most interested. In this sense, you can play with between one and four cards, change the numbers, choose the value of your bet and many other functions.

At the prize level, the game features a free and wild ball, 12 payout patterns, a jackpot and a bonus round.

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The Mayan Bingo video bingo , developed by Microgaming, is made up of up to a maximum of four (4) tickets, which have fifteen (15) numbers each.

In each round you can select how many cards you want to play with. Likewise, you can change the numbers that appear on the cards. You also have the option of changing the numbers on the cards as many times as you want.

Mayan Bingo begins with an initial draw of 30 balls, in which you must complete one of the 14 winning patterns to get a prize. In the event that you are close to completing one of the patterns, you will have the possibility of obtaining up to 10 extra balls to achieve it.

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