PokerStars is the largest online poker community today. Its strength is endorsed by public figures such as Rafael Nadal or Neymar Jr .. With the bonus code PokerStars Argentina you can get up to an additional $ 30 for spin & go tournaments   But there is also BetStars! We tell you everything!

What can you get with the PokerStars bonus code?

PokerStars Bonus Code offer description
Poker 2  freebets  of $ 10 each
Sports bets Free bet up to a maximum of $ 5


  • What can you get with the PokerStars bonus code?
  • How do I activate the PokerStars bonus code?
  • How do I get the BetStars Argentina welcome bonus?
  • PokerStars Argentina: what does it offer?
  • Sports bets
  • Live betting
  • Download the PokerStars app and play from anywhere
  • PokerStars Argentina Bonus Code: Final Opinions
  • Frequent questions

How do I activate the PokerStars bonus code?

PokerStars is the largest and deepest poker community in the world online. Although its bonus is not the best in the sector, it allows you to qualify for prizes of thousands of dollars. You must follow the following steps:

  • Obviously, visit the PokerStars platform. For that you must access through the direct links or red buttons that we offer in this article.
  • Click on the register option located in the upper right corner. You will need to complete a registration form.
  • During it, you will have to enter the PokerStars Argentina bonus code if you have one.
  • Remember that to play poker at PokerStars you need to download additional software from the platform itself.
  • Make a deposit of at least $ 20. The operator will award you an additional $ 30 for sping & go tournaments  .

General conditions of the Pokerstars welcome bonus amount

The PokerStars Argentina bonus code has a number of requirements. We always point out that these requirements are not a simple whim, no. In fact, they allow the operator to stay afloat while ensuring safe play:

  • You must be of legal age and have all your documentation in order (essential to request withdrawals).
  • As we have already said in the previous section, it is mandatory that you enter at least $ 20 in your user account.
  • The extra $ 30 can only be used as tickets to enter spin & go  tournaments  (not to be exchanged for cash).
  • You have 21 days to use the extra amount of the bonus code PokerStars Argentina.

For a more rigorous consultation of the terms and conditions, you have a detailed list on the platform itself. Remember that it is good to consult it from time to time, since the operator can change the requirements at any time and without prior notice.

How do I get the BetStars Argentina welcome bonus?

Online poker and sports betting fans are in luck. PokerStars Argentina also has a PokerStars Argentina bonus code for its sports betting section . A complete alternative that joins many other quality Argentine sports betting houses.

Thanks to him you can get a free bet worth $ 5. It may seem little, but there is more. To get the $ 5 free bets you must place a pre-bet. Once it is determined, the operator will offer you what you have bet in the form of  freebet (plus the winnings in case the bet is determined to be a winner).

The maximum to get is $ 5, so even if you bet more, the platform will only reach that figure. However, we said there was more. Well yes, BetStars is full of promotions. At the time of writing, for example, BetStars Argentina was offering these:

PokerStars Argentina: what does it offer?

Obviously, the star content of PokerStars Argentina is poker. Not only because the PokerStars Argentina bonus code focuses much of its efforts on it, but because, as its name suggests, it is the game that gives meaning to the brand.

To start enjoying PokerStars Argentina, it is not enough to register, but you have to download the platform software. Don’t worry, as it is lightweight, virus-free, free, and very easy to use. From there you will log in and join the different tournaments on offer.

But as you can see in the image above, PokerStars also hosts other games. Under the CasinStars section, it puts at your disposal countless games. Its colorful  slots stand out . But above all, its live section. In it you can play roulette through  rigorous direct streaming  . Feel like in a real casino without leaving home!

Sports bets

As we have said before, the bonus code PokerStars Argentina is also available for your BetStars sports betting section. Obviously, being focused on Latin America, it offers excellent coverage of the Argentine league or other options such as the Águila League or the Copa Libertadores.

Although it is not the best platform for sports betting (it is still a poker-centric operator), it is very solid. Apart from football, BetStars Argentina offers many other options. Among them, as almost always, tennis and basketball stand out.

The coverage of minor tournaments stands out above all. At BetStars you can invest in the ITF or minor league basketball. Certainly a rare thing for a more focused operator on the casino offering. Although it does not offer as many markets as other brands, it certainly offers enough not to get bored.

Live betting

BetStars Argentina does not forget to offer a complete live section in which it collects almost all the options it collects in pre-match. The great advantage of betting live is the change in odds (which tend to go up). Without a doubt, a great way to take advantage of the PokerStars Argentina bonus code.

One of the best ways to bet live is to have live images of the event. Unfortunately, BetStars does not offer a TV feature.

In this way, you will have to find another place where you can follow the event while you bet. A negative point, since the odds are adjusted in real time and when watching the event on another site, betting is complicated.

However, thanks to the fees it offers, this is soon forgotten. For the NBA or tennis it is an ideal platform. For example, how many times does a favorite lose the first set to an inferior opponent and end up coming back? Many!

This is the time to bet on him as the winner. And at BetStars you will do it at very high odds.

Download the PokerStars app and play from anywhere

If you want to play poker wherever you are, with this operator and its bonus code PokerStars Argentina you will be able to. All you have to do is download the PokerStars Argentina application.

It is available for the main operating systems such as iOS and Android.

To download the PokerStars app you don’t have to complicate your life. It is enough that you visit the mobile version of the operator. In it you can access the direct download. You just have to choose which operating system you use. The download is fast and virus free.

With the PokerStars app Argentina you can not only enjoy the best poker tournaments. You can also place bets at BetStars or play live roulette. Anytime and anywhere. You will have fun in your hands.

Deposits and withdrawals at the operator

To activate the PokerStars bonus code you need to have a balance in your user account. But don’t worry, the operator puts a multitude of methods at your disposal. Some of them exclusive to the Argentine public, others of a universal nature. To enter, you will see the following pop-up screen:

Obviously, methods like VISA and MasterCard credit / debit cards are taken for granted. The palette of options is completed with virtual wallets such as PayPal or Neteller, as well as other high-quality payment gateways. The good thing is that, except for the bank transfer, the operator does not charge commission and processes the income immediately.

Platform technical support

You may have problems with the PokerStars Argentina bonus code. If this is the case, you have a very complete customer support service. The email is You can write to them in Spanish, even though it is an international email.

If you prefer to call them, you have this number for Argentina PokerStars: +5491123458754. This way you can talk face-to-face with a member of the PokerStars Argentina staff and directly solve any setbacks you experience.

PokerStars Argentina Bonus Code: Final Opinions

Today, PokerStars Argentina is a solid and complete platform:

What we like What we don’t like
Description: It has poker, casino and sports betting The sports betting section is solid, but can be improved Description:
Description: Your app is sensational Description: The welcome bonus in sports betting is very far from that offered in Europe
Description: Poker tournaments offer prizes of thousands of dollars  

Frequent questions

Take a look at the following section for answers to frequently asked questions:

  • At present, does the operator have any kind of promotion?

Yes.  This is the PokerStars Argentina bonus code with which to get an extra amount for poker tournaments, as well as a bonus on free sports bets.

  • Who can request the operator’s welcome bonus?

The promotion of the PokerStars bonus code is intended for new customers.

  • Are there any mobile bonuses?

No.  However, welcome bonuses can be obtained through the PokerStars app Argentina.

  • Can I claim the bonus together like other existing offers?

The usual thing is that no. In any case, it is best that you consult directly with the operator, since those that are not welcome it is very possible that they can be used together with the bonus code PokerStars Argentina.

  • I have not yet obtained the bonus, what should I do?

When you deposit $ 20 at PokerStars Argentina or place a bet on BetStars (and it is determined), the operator must make the welcome bonus available to you. If not, contact customer service and let them know what’s wrong with you!

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