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Here are some tips for beginners. If you are starting to play poker, but it seems that you are always bluffing, we will explain how to get started in this noble game. In the beginning, poker can be confusing, but once you understand the basics, you just have to start practicing.

Basics during a game

Before starting to play, it is always good advice for beginners to learn the most basic concepts of a game.

·      Fold or fold

If you are not convinced by your cards, you can return them and withdraw from the round. One of the tips for beginners is to withdraw if you are unsure.

·      Gamble or bet

If no one has placed a bet in front of you, you can start by doing it yourself . Then the next player must at least match your bet. If they decide not to, you will have to fold and throw your cards.

When you bet all the chips you have it is called All-in . If you have already bet All-in, you will not be able to bet anything else, you will automatically be in the hand until the end of the hand and you will not be able to fold until the Show dowm (the moment in which the cards are shown).

·      Raise or raise 

If during the round someone has placed a bet in front of you, you can raise the amount of the bet. In this way, the next player to play must bet even more and if he decides not to, you will have to return your cards.

·      Match a bet or call

When you are in a game, and someone has bet in front of you, you will have the option of raising or calling. If you decide to call, you simply have to bet the same amount that your previous opponent has bet.

·      Pass or check 

If no one had bet in front of you, you will have the option of letting go. It is a way of being able to see what is going to happen and decide if you want to bet.

Tips for beginners

You will undoubtedly hear a lot of advice from friends and other players, here we show what the most common mistakes are and how you should not get carried away by them. Follow this list with tips for beginners:

·      Don’t play too many hands

When someone is a beginner they tend to participate in too many plays. If the cards you received are not good, the advice for beginners is always to fold , as more experienced players can benefit from your situation.

·      Don’t gamble too much or you’ll be broke fast

Greed can blind us. On many occasions we are faced with a large pot in a game and we want to continue in it. But for this we should keep betting, and if our cards are not good enough, we will lose everything .

·      Do not get carried away by your emotions

It is time to practice your poker face. In many games you will meet annoying tablemates, who will try to despair and make you doubt. Keep a cool mind and turn a deaf ear.

·      Not knowing what your odds are

Many players do not understand the concept of odd . Odd poker is the statistical chances of being able to win with your hand. Before betting you must calculate what your odd is and if you can really get to get a good hand.

·      Emulate other players 

You must make your own decisions. Many players learn to play poker by following the guidelines and behaviors of other players. On many occasions this will lead us to follow their bad habits.

Learning to play poker by watching a tournament on television and trying to follow its movements can have bad consequences. On many occasions the result of the hands we see on television is linked to external situations, and the decisions of professional players are often personal and do not follow a game logic.

·      Overpricing suited hands

Without a doubt this is one of the most important beginner tips. If we have received a hand of the same suit we can start with an advantage, however this is not always the case. What you should consider about your hand is the ranking of the cards and if they can be paired with other cards.

That is really the most important factor when it comes to evaluating a hand. After that you can assess if they are of the same suit or if they fit.

For example if we receive a hand with A


, this has much more value than 10


. The first offers us many more possibilities while the second should be discarded immediately.

The probability of hitting a flush on the flop or a flush chance with two cards of the same suit is less than 12%.

Hands in poker 

It is important to follow the tips for beginners, in the same way that you must memorize all the hands and their value. Here we leave a list with the hands that go from highest to lowest value:

·      Royal Flush or Royal Flush 

It is the best poker hand , it is formed by ten, jack, queen, king and an ace all of the same color.

·      Straight Flush or Straight Flush

It is the second best hand in poker . It is made up of five consecutive cards of the same color. If two players happen to have a straight flush, the one with the highest card wins.

·      Four-of-a-kind or Poker

It is made up of four cards of the same rank , that is, four kings, four queens, etc. If two players have poker, the one with the highest rank wins. If the two have the same rank, the one with the fifth highest card wins.

·      Full house

It is a combination of three matching cards and a pair. If both have a full house, the one with the highest three of a kind wins, if they were both of the same rank. Whoever has the highest pair will win.

·      Flush or Color

It is made up of 5 cards of the same color. In the situation where two players have a flush, the player with the highest card will win.

·      Straight or Ladder

They are 5 consecutive cards . If two players have a straight, the one with the straight with the highest cards wins.

·      Three-of-a-kind or Trio

It is made up of three cards of the same rank . If two players have three of a kind, then the others determine the winner, since the poker hand always consists of five cards.

·      Two-pair or Double pair

As its name suggests it is about two couples . When two players have two pairs, the one with the highest rank wins.

·      Pair or Couple 

They are two cards of the same rank, the three remaining cards in this hand are called “kickers” . If the two players had a pair of the same rank, the one with the highest kicker wins.

·      High card or High card

When there is not even a pair, then you have to look at the one with the highest card wins.

If you found these tips for beginners interesting, we recommend that you consult our articles on poker in the web section.

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