Typical mistakes among roulette bettors

As we have indicated on several occasions, roulette is one of the most attractive games for casino players. With its multiple bet types and potential winnings, hardly any user is reluctant to play when they get the chance.

If you already know all the types of bets that exist in the game , then you are ready to start enjoying roulette. However, before we continue, we want to save you future headaches by pointing out some of the most common mistakes that both beginners and experienced players make.


Casino roulette

Most do not consider that the outcome of each roulette shot is independent of what happened in the previous one. In other words, each spin is totally random . However, average roulette bets don’t even consider variables that determine where the ball will land.

For example, a simple strategy indicates to bet on red by considering increasing your bet size after a loss. The theory is that increasing the bet size will allow you to recoup your losses.

But the reality is that you are simply increasing the amount you bet on the next spin. Each spin has no correlation with the next spin and will have a result that has no correlation with the history of previous results of said roulette (this is why casinos do not hide that information from their bettors).


Another example is to consider streaks , for example after 8 red numbers come up in a row. One of the players may think “red is on a roll, I must bet on him”, although another may also reflect “for 8 shots that black has not come out, it should come out in the next one, I’ll bet on him.”

So who is right? None of them . This is because the chances of the ball landing on red or black is always 50/50 , and is not affected by the number of times it has previously come out.


It is surprising how practically every player at the table acts in one way or another when there is a long streak of a particular color or when they think that a spin is a consequence of the previous one .

Meanwhile, the casino owner sits rubbing his hands, grateful that players have no idea that illusion is only in the player’s head.

Keep these tips in mind when sitting at a roulette table and you can enjoy this exciting casino game much more . Good luck!

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