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Of the entire catalog of casino games available at each operator, online blackjack is one of the most popular.

There are many bookmakers that have special casino sections dedicated exclusively to blackjack. In them different modalities and variants of this famous card game are collected.

The best way to experience how blackjack is played at online casinos is by visiting these pages. But how do you play online Blackjack?

In this article we highlight the best casinos for gambling and review the most important benefits of online Blackjack. 

Know its terminology, design strategies and learn basic rules to master blackjack 21 as it is played in real casinos.

What is online Blackjack?

Blackjack, or twenty-one, is a card game typical of casinos whose rules are very basic. The purpose is to beat the house hand with a maximum that does not exceed 21.

Each card in the American deck has a corresponding value. The Ace will be worth 11 or 1 (depending on the combination), the figures add up to 10 and the number cards their natural value.

Player and dealer are dealt two cards, observe the latter’s face-off and work out your strategy. Under this premise, you decide what to do in each turn, if you ask, stand or double your bet.

To defeat the bank, your hand must add 21 points or be as close as possible without going over. The play will be perfect if you get blackjack with only two cards: Ace (11) + J (10).

Live casino allows you to enjoy blackjack online as it is played in traditional casinos. But it also has a series of interesting factors that enrich the experience making many players prefer this version.

The gaming tables can be accessed 24 hours a day from the comfort of your home. A virtual simulator will show the development of each play on your screen so that you do not lose details of your game.

Online Blackjack Benefits

Millions of players seek to experience sensations similar to those of land-based casinos. Online blackjack brings together this and other aspects that make it especially attractive in relation to other modalities.

Do you attach great importance to your privacy or don’t you have the time to go to a physical casino? Perhaps you could consider the option of online blackjack as it is played from home. If you are easily distracted, this is your ideal method.

One of the drawbacks of the physical casino is that it has a limited number of tables and games available. On the other hand, the online casino guarantees you immediate access avoiding unnecessary waiting.

Being able to enter from any device in a few minutes is an advantage that you will hardly find in a conventional game room. You just need a good internet connection or mobile data.

In relation to the game itself, the games are faster. You will also have no limits when it comes to playing multiple hands of blackjack online as played at the same time. By playing more hands, your chances of winning big will increase significantly.

The obligation to continue the game despite having a bad shoe is another of the limitations of the physical casino. In online blackjack, how to play, the possibility of abandoning is contemplated if there is no guarantee of success.

If you don’t see it clearly, choose to move to another table, change games, or try your luck on a different page. By not having to exchange your money for tokens, you can have a balance in as many accounts and operators as you want.

Although there are usually no exclusive promotions for games, many online casinos give welcome bonuses to their new users. We advise you to review the terms and conditions of each offer.

Later we will expose you the best operators for online blackjack as it is played.

Where to Play Blackjack Online – Top 3 Online Blackjack Sites

In our opinion, 888sports is one of the best positioned and most experienced casinos in the industry.

This operator not only has a wide range of sports, it also includes a casino section for Argentine users. Currently, it gives a 100% bonus for your first recharge up to $ 200.

On the other hand, both Pokerstars and 1xbet are operators with a good offer in Blackjack. You can discover it yourself by consulting its website.

It should be noted that none of the operators has an official license to operate throughout Argentina at the moment. This is because gambling is currently regulated at the provincial level in the country.

Live Blackjack

When we talk about live blackjack, we are referring to a totally different way of playing than usual. Its main advantage is that it allows you to experience emotions almost identical to gambling in land-based casinos.

Unlike online blackjack, this version features live-action dealers. The place where the game is broadcast is a real casino room with real tables, cards and chips. Equipped with a camera system, it allows you to observe everything.

The player can interact with the dealer at any time. You can also chat with the other players who are at the table, because there is also a multiplayer option. For this, it has a live chat in the game room itself.

Another aspect to consider is the ability to play live with casino bonuses. Just like online blackjack as it is played. In fact, many live casinos offer exclusive bonuses for live blackjack.

These give players the option to recover losses and even get free spins.

Likewise, you can always start with free games using the demo version offered by many operators. This way, you can familiarize yourself with the rules of blackjack how to play before betting your real money.

You will increase your chances of winning if you take the opportunity to implement some online blackjack systems and strategies like playing.

During the game you will be able to review an entire arsenal of statistics, betting history and the pay list. Every time you need it, you can request the repetition of the moves.

For all of this, live blackjack is a much more realistic and exciting way to play. It is already becoming one of the most demanded forms of entertainment by users.

How long does it take to learn how to play Blackjack online?

Before considering how to play online blackjack, you may have doubts related to the level necessary to start. Do not worry, we will try to give you an answer in the following lines.

We can already anticipate that there is no magic formula to learn blackjack as it is played. Not much less to obtain good results. But how long will it take you to learn?

It is impossible to calculate the time it will take to master the game. This will largely depend on the level you want to achieve, among other factors. As you will soon know, there are a multitude of blackjack variants and each contains its own rules.

The best way to know the dynamics of this game is to carefully study all the rules. We advise you to start with the most classic variants of online blackjack as it is played, you will have time to add difficulty.

It really is not difficult to reach a beginner base, you just need to have interest and some time to practice. If you aspire to be an expert, obviously, you will have to invest long hours of study to control each variable to the millimeter.

If possible, the best option is to learn how to play blackjack for free. Practice with your friends or use the demo version of the operators. This way you can correct mistakes before taking bigger risks.

Ideally, you should soak up the basic keys to have a solid piece on which to build your strategies. There is no more effective way to increase your profits than to be thoroughly scrupulous with every move.

Knowing when to double a bet is just as important as knowing when to stand. Minimizing risks will be key in your development as a player.

Take a look at blogs and tutorials to learn more about how to play classic Blackjack.

Different types of online blackjack

You should know that no version is better than another. All variants are accepted and the only thing that differentiates them are the rules to follow.

The most prominent modalities are American and European blackjack. Both share the same general rules, however, they have some differences.

  • Hole Card: The dealer deals two cards at the beginning just as American blackjack is played. One of them is visible and the other is an unknown that only he knows. If you get blackjack, you must report it and the play will end.

In the European variant, the covered card is eliminated, only one of the first cards is dealt.

  • Decks: Two decks are used in European mode. On the contrary, in the American they are used between 6 and 8.
  • Split: by splitting you are indicating that you double the bet. The American mode allows you to fold up to three times per hand while in the European mode it can only be done once.

It will be easier for you to understand how to play American blackjack if you control the characteristic differences of this modality.

We have focused on the most popular types of blackjack, but there are many more. Now we review other highlights:

Classic blackjack

Blackjack 21 as played is intended to score 21 points without overdoing it. You will receive two cards at the beginning and then you must decide whether to continue or stand. If you get just 21 it is called blackjack.

If you don’t reach this figure, your hand must exceed the dealer’s to win the bet.

Multi Hand Blackjack

The rules are identical to how classic blackjack is played. The difference lies in the number of hands that are played simultaneously. The player will have 5 hands, while the dealer will play only one.

Single deck blackjack

As the name suggests, the most significant difference is the use of a single deck. You could use card counting as a method to assess real possibilities. However, the possibility of doing blackjack is much lower in relation to the classic mode.

Blackjack Switch

The peculiarity of this variant is that it allows you to burn your initial cards after the deal. That is, change them for the first two of the deck. Although you will not be able to anticipate if they will be better or not, it is advisable to use this option if you had a bad hand.

Progressive blackjack

In progressive blackjack the basic rules are kept. Instead, the possibility of placing a second bet is provided here. This is cumulative, so you can get more benefits as the game progresses.

How to Play Blackjack Online – Blackjack Rules

We have already entered the matter by explaining in depth how blackjack is played in casinos. Below we compile your basic rules and add some more information.

This game allows the presence of up to 7 players at each table. Bets are previously placed and then the deal is executed.

In order to reach the 21 points necessary to do blackjack, the bank will receive two cards as well as the player.

Each card has a different value. Namely:

  • Ace: 1-11 (as appropriate)
  • Figures: 10
  • From 2 to 10: its numerical value

Once you observe the first play, you can decide whether it is worth standing or continuing to bet. Remember that to win you must get as close to that figure as possible or, failing that, beat the bank.

If the two cards dealt to you are the same, you have the possibility to separate hands to increase your chances of victory.

Some casinos give you the option to surrender if you find that your hand is not good enough to win. When you fold, you will get half of your bet back.

Your operator may not offer the European variant. In such a case, it will be very useful if you know how to handle the rules about American blackjack as it is played.

Online Blackjack Terminology

What is promised is debt. If you have read this far, it is because you really want to know the world of blackjack in depth.

To do this, we bring you a glossary of terms that will help you familiarize yourself with the most commonly used words:

  • Bankroll: Amount of money available to bet.
  • Blackjack: Name that receives the best possible hand. Two cards (Ace + 10) add up to 21. The player automatically wins the game with odds of 3: 2.
  • Break or Bust: Exceed 21 points. If the player bust, he loses the bet.
  • Card counting: Method used to adjust the strategy based on the cards already removed from the shoe.
  • Double: It consists of doubling the bet after the distribution of the first two cards.
  • Draw / Hit: Used to request an additional card for your hand.
  • Hard hand / Hardhand: Hand without aces that adds at least 12 points in total. High probability of overdoing.
  • Difficult hand: Hand with uneven cards that is very unlikely to win.
  • Firm hand / Pathand: Hand that reaches a minimum of 17 points to stand.
  • Soft Hand / Softhand: Hand whose score is less than 12 and it is difficult to pass.
  • Push: Tie. Occurs when player and dealer are equal in points.
  • Separate: Action of dividing the hand when two equal cards are obtained.
  • Stand / Stand: Withdraw, choose to stop asking for more cards.
  • Shoe: Device that contains the cards of the game that are about to come out.

How To Win At Blackjack – Online Blackjack Strategies

Much of the success of a player lies in the good use of strategies. Developing this ability is a matter of time, but here are the most basic tricks in case you want to try your luck:

  • Stand at 17: There is a high percentage of probability of going over when asking for the next card. Don’t risk it and try to raise 17 only if the dealer has more points.
  • Separate: If the deal rewards you with two aces, take the opportunity to divide the play into two hands. This will increase your chances of getting blackjack. This option is not recommended in case you get two figures, as there is a high risk of going over.
  • Withdrawal: Knowing how to withdraw on time is synonymous with success. Even more so if you think the dealer has a great hand. It is better to get half the bet back than to lose it all.

As you can see, calculation and probability is the basis of almost any strategy. Card counting can give you an edge over the house. Of course, the greater the number of decks, the greater the difficulty.

Mobile version of online Blackjack

Most operators have web pages with responsive design to allow access from any device. The content adapts to your screen and you will enjoy a simpler and lighter structure.

From the web version you can perform the same actions.

In addition, some companies offer specific software so that you do not need to use the mobile version. These apps are usually compatible with the main operating systems.

All promotions, as well as the rules of the game, are unchanged from the web version. You will only observe slight differences in the layout of the menus, small changes that facilitate your navigation.

The biggest advantage is that you will enjoy absolute mobility by being able to connect from anywhere you are.

Beginner’s Guide to Online Blackjack: How to Get Started

Now that you know all the dynamics and tricks necessary to play blackjack, you’re ready to enjoy. We briefly tell you how to start betting:

  • Choose a dealer with a blackjack offer and sign up
  • Claim your casino welcome bonus. Review the terms and conditions.
  • Access the casino section and find blackjack among the available games
  • Choose your preferred modality and have fun betting.

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