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Poker is much more than a game. Many people get hooked and never stop playing. When they start to win they always believe that they can win more and when they lose that they can get it back. That’s why not all are players with millions in their favor, there are many who have millionaire debts to play. 

Erik lindgren

More than 4 years ago Erik was one of the best poker players in the world. In 2008 he became Player of the Year at the World Series of Poker . He was making a lot of money not only playing, but also as the owner of Full Tilt Poker. It is estimated that he lost about $ 25 million paying his more than 10 million debts due to gambling.

Gavin griffin

One of the young promises of poker, she holds the record for being the youngest to win the World Series of Poker. In the 2010/11 season he was the first player to win the triple crown, the holy grail of poker. Despite this, he openly declared to be addicted to gambling, in 2011 he lost a large amount of money, approximately 6 million dollars.

Scotty nguyen

The 5-time WSOP bracelet winner, he started his poker journey on the dealer side of the mat tables. Soon he began to earn more money than he could imagine. A losing streak coupled with a drinking problem cut short his career and caused him to lose more than $ 20 million.

Michael Mizrachi

Mizrachi, a two-time WSOP winner, went on to earn more than $ 7 million. It is estimated that he lost around 4 million with his millionaire debts. He had to pay many tax penalties in addition to selling his real estate.

Dutch boyd

The also winner of the WSOP Dutch Boyd , got to get more than 2 million dollars in profits. But he lost everything. In a desperate attempt to raise money he offered to teach poker for $ 20 but it was not enough to pay his debt.

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