Other reasons why some players prefer land based casinos

Today we are still in line with the note that we published a few days ago and that we called why many players prefer physical casinos to other modalities .

In this sense, at Best Online Casinos Mexico we are going to show you other aspects by which some users choose to move to a room in their city to play slots, roulette or blackjack .


Casino slots

To understand this feeling, you should first visit a physical casino. From the entrance of the facilities to passing by the slot machines and the gaming tables, everything around you is designed to be attractive.

The bright lights, combined with the movement of players going around the casino give a unique feeling , even for those who visit these rooms regularly.

It goes without saying that it is much easier to explore the best online casino sites than it is to plan a trip to a local casino. However, the thrill of a place in the latter full of fellow players will always pay off.


One of the things that every casino fan knows is how friendly a casino staff is. From the smiling managers to the friendly waiters and dealers, everyone will make you feel welcome.

Many users decide to return to a casino just for the service they receive there. While playing online can be quite impersonal and distant, a land-based casino experience is just the opposite.


Aside from money, casinos tend to launch promotions and loyalty programs for returning users. Usually, every time a player spends a certain amount of money in the casino, they accumulate points that will allow them to win some of the prizes of these promotions.

These promotions can include prizes like free food and drink, exclusive trips, and sometimes even a cell phone, tablet, and even a car.

The objective is to create a gaming experience of the highest quality and increase the chances of taking home a prize , regardless of how you did at the tables or with the slots .


No one can deny that we have become used to doing a lot of daily activities on the Internet. In a way, the practicality and speed of this way of life has made us forget the beauty of a fabulous live experience . And that’s what it means to visit a physical casino.

From the friendly staff to the sound of the slot machines, every part of this experience is a dream come true for any gambling fan around the world.

For many users, casinos are more than just a series of games that you can play anytime, anywhere. They are a place where players go to create new memories. And that’s what makes a land-based casino experience so special .

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